I made Wordle with a twist

I kept hearing about this popular game called Wordle earlier in the year. A web game where you have to guess the word of the day in 6 tries. Safe to say a lot of people really love it. So much so, The New York Times decided to buy it from the solo developer that made it. Nice! Isn’t that a developer’s dream?

That is the dream. And what’s even crazier is that it’s a simple game not only in terms of how it is played but how easy it is to make it. I thought about how I could come up with a simple and popular game as well. But then I realized, Wordle itself is not quite “original” per se. It is a word game like many others. So that’s where I thought I could make something like Wordle but with a twist!

This game would be time-based, can be played as much as the user wants, and run as a mobile app. I did some research in the app stores and found that there were many games available that were exactly like Wordle. No particular twist other than being able to play without limit. So based on this, I decided to go ahead with my idea.

Since this game became popular, many templates and tutorials were done to model it. I wanted to get my idea out quickly, so I decided to make use of a template instead of making the game from scratch. It just saves time. Once I got my hand on a template made with pure HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, I was able to focus my time on the planned twists.

I wanted it to be a mobile app, so I used Ionic which obviously is the best fit for my use case. All I had to do was copy over the files, add some extra logic in typescript, and compiled my project to run for mobile devices.

After two weeks, my game was ready. Basically, how it works: The player gets 5 minutes to guess the 5 letter word in 6 tries. The faster the player guesses the word and with fewer tries, the more points they gain. Sounds fun? Well you can try it out for Android here: Fast 5 Letters Word Game

Unfortunately, it is only out for Android. I could not get it out for iOS because Apple doesn’t like copycats :)

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Software developer from Jamaica with over 5 years experience

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Joel H.

Joel H.

Software developer from Jamaica with over 5 years experience

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